GenToGen is a three-tiered project encompassing intergenerational and trans-denominational Jewish community engagement, support for working artists, and the development of an Arts-focused Jewish communal living paradigm that can then be recreated in other cities to support Jewish Artists. Our pilot city is the Eastside of Los Angeles due to its rich Jewish history, its emerging Artist community and the ratio of Jews in this area in relation to CA at large.

We aim to accomplish this through a multivalent approach phased out over several years by first creating a virtual hub for Jewish artists to network & collaborate via a media-rich podcast, then through providing a community-based Arts education center which will serve as a physical hub and then by ultimately creating an affordable & cooperative, permanent live/work-space based on the history of the Kibbutz and Lower Eastside New York cooperative housing for emerging Jewish Artists.

Help us reach our goal of 7000 Votes by March 31st at the Next Big Jewish Idea by  going to our link:


Make sure you also ‘Like’ our Fan Page: http://ow.ly/466f9


GenToGen: Building a sustainable, Multi-generational Jewish Community through the Arts.


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